EcoUniv has so far developed the following courses and conducted them on an experimental basis with small groups of participants.

पर्यावरण वर्ग: An interdisciplinary course for 7th grade students providing an introduction to environmental history, ecological concepts, environmental problems and solutions. [Conducted in 2013-14 in Marathi medium]

Life Around Us (Designed and delivered by Aniket Motale): An introductory course exclusively focusing on biodiversity around us. Multiple batches conducted during 2017 for students from 4th to 6th grades.

EcoFoundations (Designed and delivered in collaboration with Revati Gindi and Aniket Motale): A course which has ‘Life Around Us’ as a prerequisite and studies the major ecosystems in our surroundings. Field visits and lectures exclusively focus on aspects like ecosystem functions, identifying flora and fauna, biodiversity metrics, land use change and its impact on ecology. Conducted in 2018 for students in 7th-9th grades.

Green Ideas / Eco-Entrepreneurship: A summer workshop course held every year for entrepreneurs who wish to explore green ideas. We encourage participants to explore both for-profit and non-profit ideas. Topics include an introduction to environmental problems, holistic approach to environmental problem-solving, opportunity identification and analysis and using the Lean Start-up approach to develop your idea further.

Independent Study: Explore any environmental topic in an interdisciplinary, self-study mode under mentorship from EcoUniv. Ideal for BSc/MSc students, engineers and other practitioners who wish to study environmentalism.