Green Ideas 2019


2nd Batch of Summer program in Green Ideas Incubation (2019)

EcoUniv is a social enterprise in Pune in environmental & sustainability education and consulting.

Our summer program for green ideas incubation will help participants to develop ideas for green products and services as well as NGOs. It is meant to get them started on an entrepreneurial journey and to think through what it requires.

Participants from the 1st batch have explored venture ideas in

  • environmental news on social media platforms
  • biodiversity conservation and education
  • organic goods sourcing and distribution
  • eco-friendly alternatives for plastic dishes and plastic bags
What the program contains It is a flexible program of 5 lectures for the cohort and 4 dedicated meetings with you to help you think through your for-profit or non-profit idea, develop its key elements, identify market segments, understand customer needs / environmental problem to be solved, kick off market research, initiate product development, business plan, funding strategies, marketing, etc

Such ideas could include products that lower ecological footprints, public transport, organic farming, energy saving or renewable energy ideas, equity of opportunity, equity of energy, ecosystems/biodiversity conservation, eco-restoration, sustainable tourism, green design, recycling, green education, environmental media, green finance, etc

When and Where The sessions will happen during April/May at our office in Karvenagar, Pune.
Fees Rs. 2500 per participant
Eligibility Any degree / diploma / final year students in degree programs

Clear desire to develop a product/service/NGO around environmental problem solving


Exposure to environmental issues and problem solving

Taken a course or done some self-driven learning in one or more areas of sustainability

Application Process Email [email protected] with a 2-3 line description of your profile and 2-3 line description of the problem/market/ idea you wish to pursue.

An application will be mailed to you. Please mail it back by March 30.

Shortlisted candidates will be called for a meeting.

5-6 candidates will be selected for the program.

Mentor / Facilitator The program will be conducted by Yogesh Pathak, founder of EcoUniv. Yogesh has 25 years of experience in technology and management consulting, entrepreneurship, venture capital, environmental NGOs, and sustainability education, across US, UK, and India. Profile: