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Summer Independent Study – Environmental Studies, 2018

EcoUniv is a social enterprise in Pune in environmental & sustainability education and consulting.

Our independent study program is meant to encourage participants to acquire interdisciplinary knowledge in environmental studies on their own.

What is an independent Study Independent Study is typically a 1-4 month program where a student chooses a particular area of interest within their field of study and reads books and research papers with that focus. Independent studies may also contain action components where the student develops a model, a research hypothesis or research plan, a software program, conduct expert interviews, or conduct preliminary field research/data collection to form initial understanding about an idea or an issue.


Independent study at EcoUniv We intend to work with participants who wish to work on the intersection of environment/natural resources/ecosystems/landscapes/biodiversity and other fields like history, agriculture, economics, social systems, education, industrial systems, technology, energy, environmental problems, man-nature relationship, urban issues, equity, governance, environmental law, globalization, financial systems, protected areas, wildlife conservation, etc.


3-4 Participants may choose their topic of independent study in consultation with us and conduct their study on their own, with periodic meetings with us as a sounding board or mentor, and to provide study pointers. 3-4 meetings will be useful to have during the study duration.


The outcome of the study could be a report, a research plan for further research (e.g. an idea for a paper, or an idea for a future Master’s or PhD program), a booklet or a case study, and so on. It is completely left to the candidate. At the least, it could be simply enriched understanding about the field of interest.


When and Where May, 2018

For meetings, our offices are at The Mesh co-working, off Senapati Bapat Road, Pune


Fees Free of charge, but candidates must bear their own expenses related to the study, if any
Minimum Eligibility ·      Any Master’s students in environmental studies or the above interdisciplinary fields

·      Any bachelor’s degree / final year students AND Has taken any post-graduate diploma or certificate course in one or more areas of environmental studies or sustainability,

·        Any bachelor’s degree / final year students AND 1-2 years of work experience or research experience in an area of environmental studies or its intersection with other fields.


Application Process ·      Email [email protected] with a 2-3 line description of your profile and 6-10 line description with your initial thoughts about the independent study area or theme that you wish to pursue.

·      An application will be mailed to you. Please mail it back by May 1, 2018.

·      Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview.


Facilitator/ Mentor Yogesh Pathak, founder of EcoUniv. Yogesh has 25 years of experience in technology and management consulting, entrepreneurship, venture capital, environmental NGOs, and sustainability education, across US, UK, and India. Profile: