EcoUniv Weekend Reads: April 2021

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #60

4 Apr 2021


Alternative Living: Bhutan’s adoption of Gross National Happiness is fervently celebrated by environmentalists. But does anyone bother to read a critical point of view? Here’s one such article.

Pollution: A primer on the important greenhouse gases and their sources (slide show)

Animal Behavior: Do animals have minds? A review of the related research in an essay from The Economist.



EcoUniv Weekend Reads #61

11 Apr 2021

Sapiens: Among all the members of the family Hominidae, why are we the only ones that still exist?

Economics: Alternative economics demands that rich countries “de-develop”. Either growth must come to zero or climate change will do it for us.

Agriculture: How Sikkim became an all-organic state.


EcoUniv Weekend Reads #62

18 Apr 2021

Water: A study flags that what we call ‘freshwater’ is also turning salty, primarily due to introduction of man-made salts into the landscape for various reasons.




Environmental Law: Most of the nature-modifying industrial activities happen because capital is available for them. New Zealand now creates a law for financial firms to report the climate impacts of their businesses and explain how they will manage risks.


Environmental Education: In the “Understanding the Learner” series, this week we focus on thirteen-year olds (eighth grade).


EcoUniv Weekend Reads #63

25 Apr 2021


Pollution: Aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of the global food industry. But fish farming and fishing are sounding the death knell for aquatic ecosystems, including the oceans.

Ornithology: In birds with flashy, eye-catching colours who are trying to impress females, evolution has provided a “show off” mechanism (elaborate microstructures which amplify color) along with the default, “honest” mechanism (carotenoid pigments).

Research Article:

Environmental Education: In the “Understanding the Learner” series, this week we focus on fourteen-year olds (ninth grade).