EcoUniv Weekend Reads: July 2021

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #73

4 July 2021

Ecosystems: Grasslands may be playing a major role in carbon sequestration, but are often overlooked.

Domestication: Humans have changed the brain structure of dogs over the years.

इकोयूनिव्हचा पर्यावरण शिक्षण विचार:  शिक्षणपद्धतींबद्दल – On Educational Frameworks (17 Dec 2017) या इंग्लिशमधील लेखाचा मराठी अनुवादशिक्षणपद्धतींबद्दल/

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #74

11 July 2021

Green Energy: As demand for green energy increases, we will gradually discover it’s unintended consequences.

Environmental Education: EcoUniv’s Environmental Education Framework – A beginning (originally published on 8 Jan 2018)

इकोयुनिव्हचा पर्यावरणीय शिक्षण विचार: एक सुरुवात : वरील लेखाचा मराठी अनुवाद

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #75

18 July 2021

Agriculture: The world’s largest concentration of greenhouses produces roughly 3.5 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables per year. But agriculture at this scale is, predictably, not without exploitation and other problems.

Climate Change: To fund climate change action, US cities may get an entity “which would finance state and federal public investments in new infrastructure by “pooling municipal bonds” into a nationwide market”.

इकोयुनिव्हचा पर्यावरण शिक्षण विचार: मूल समजून घेताना: बालवाडीतले मूल

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #76

25 July 2021

Climate Change: The ‘managed retreat’ option for towns facing climate change catastrophes with increasing frequency.

Climate Change: Data says that extremely hot summers have become a recurring phenomenon since 2005 (and they mostly didn’t happen at all during 1951-1980).

इकोयुनिव्हचा पर्यावरण शिक्षण विचार: मूल समजून घेताना: पहिलीतले मूल