EcoUniv Weekend Reads: June 2021

EcoUniv Weekend Reads #69

6 June 2021

Man & Nature: The Soliga community struggles to save its old ways of living while adapting to modernity.

Research – Species: How an Elephant’s Trunk Manipulates Air to Eat and Drink.




Research – Species: The mockingbird’s song(s) have been decoded.




EcoUniv Weekend Reads #70

13 June 2021

Economics: A ProPublica investigation about how the super-wealthy in US pay very low taxes relative to increases in their net worth – legally! Naturally, this increases economic inequality in US and globally. Why? Because the American way tends to influence rule-making elsewhere.

NYT comment:

Species: A single honeybee has cloned itself hundreds of millions of times

Man & Nature: A study on the Amazon Rainforest has found that indigenous people lived there for millennia while “causing no detectable species losses or disturbances”.


EcoUniv Weekend Reads #71

20 June 2021

Exploration: The story of finding the “southernmost” tree on our planet

Conservation: Herds of exotic animals are maintained at some ranches in US, to facilitate hunting. Their conservation value is debatable.

Migration: Some people in Delhi are already moving to other cities due to the air pollution.


EcoUniv Weekend Reads #72

27 June 2021

Evolution: The story of Homo Sapiens, retold based on the latest advances and findings.

Animals: Honeybees found using tools to repel giant hornet attacks

Domestication: Ice age Siberian hunters may have domesticated dogs 23,000 years ago